Alemania: Los Pininos

Escogí este nombre para estas rutillas porque simplemente son eso, como los pininos que hacen los bebés al empezar a caminar, estas salidillas fueron mis primeras salidas y es aquí donde comencé a familiarizarme con la moto, su conducción y a tomar nota de qué accesorios y equipo me podrían ser de utilidad.

Las experiencias y lecciones aprendidas fueron muchas, importantísimas las unas y muy chistosas las otras. Fue aquí donde realmente le tomé amor a la actividad, y quedé enamorado de este mundo tan peculiar de la moto, con un toque internacional inigualable.

One thought on “Alemania: Los Pininos

  1. chinoodin

    Camellero…thanks much for your offer! …little about me: Am retired, yet way to busy. Have a strong interest in my hereditary past that led me to Norway so after many years of research and then help discovered my norwegian roots. I took a trip to Norway this spring, but left wanting more. The short of this story is I ride a motorcycle and I’d like to do the same in Norway and perhaps uk and Ireland( have hereditary linkage here too) I’ve checked rentals and limits of use and costs for a short ride seem out of the question. Checked shipping a bike and it didn’t seem feasible either so I landed this bright idea of buying a used late model motorbike (preferably a BMW model) of my choosing and riding it through uk and across the channel to France/Denmark/? And up into Sweden and of course Norway. My questions are …of finding reliable service for a used bike and of course the the details of registration, whether it is country of purchase or another. Being a US citizen, what country would be best to manage these details from? Then there is the question of where to store it for another trip? Are storage costs prohibitive or can a storage garage be found? …or should I just sell it after my trip and how easy is it to sell? Can I leave it with a dealer to sell? …would the dealer buy it? The logistics to buying a motorbike and then storing or selling appear to be a nightmare unless there are people over there able to help? I ask to much perhaps?

    Whatever insights you can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks and happy riding Motorka. Cheers,


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